79th Annual Awards Banquet
By Firefighter/EMT Pieter Lucas
April 15, 2023

Members met tonight at the Sykesville Freedom District Fire Department's Legacy Hall to celebrate and remember the past year. After dinner, awards were presented for outstanding contributions during 2022.

William T. Dorsey Rookie of the Year: Evan Carneal
Luke T. Hoffman Training Award: Jordan Andre
Duty Crew Member of the Year (EMS): Kim Neschis
Duty Crew Member of the Year (Fire): Tim Titcomb
Erik P. Steciak EMS Person of the Year: Taylor Castaneda
Firefighter of the Year: Emily Saitta

Top EMS Responders:
1. Dale Carlson
2. Bambi Nelms
3. Patrick Jeffery

Top Fire Responders:
1. Mickey Day
2. Patrick Jeffery
3. Tim Titcomb

Top Combined Fire/EMS Responders:
1. Patrick Jeffery
2. Dale Carlson
3. Tim Titcomb

Service Pins:
5 years: : Steve Buscher, Paul Harrison, Jeremy Mayer
10 years: John Logan
40 years: Mark Miller
55 years: Gary Unverzagt

Thank you to the Banquet Committee for another great evening and thanks also to the Ellicott City VFD and the Fifth District VFD for filling us in.
Here's to a great 2023!