Early Morning First Due Fire
By Firefighter/EMT Pieter Lucas
January 5, 2019

Units from West Friendship and surrounding companies responded early this morning for the reported house on fire in the 3-6 box. At 03:10 the alarm was sounded for the 11800 block of Old Frederick Road in Marriottsville. Upon arrival Engine 31 reported visible fire from the deck on the delta side and pulled an attack line while Squad 3 began an interior search, which was negative. Engine 82 picked up the hydrant on Old Frederick Road and the fire was declared under control at 03:30.
A goat shelter on the deck was involved in the fire and one goat was seriously injured. Crews used a pet oxygen mask to administer aid to the goat which was transported by its owner to an emergency veterinarian.
Chief 3 had the command and held Engine 31, Squad 3, Paramedic 35, Engine 82, and Tower 2 for smoke removal from the residence and to assist the HCDFRS Office of the Fire Marshal with their investigation.
Units cleared at 06:33.

Units: Engine 31, Squad 3, Paramedic 35, Chief 3
Mutual Aid: Carroll Tower 12, Engine 82, Paramedic 85, Engine 131, Engine 22, Tower 2, Battalion Chief 2, EMS 2, Safety 1